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The International Criminal Court ought to investigate public incitement, hate speech crimes in the DR Congo

The world is once again caught flat footed as a genocide rolls into motion across the cities in the DR Congo. There is deafening silence by world leaders despite statements echoing diversions by DR Congo authorities hiding behind their false claims against Rwanda about the support of M23.

Only the Under-Secretary-General Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide SG advisor on ‘prevention of genocide’ has issued a joint statement with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights condemning hate speech sanctioned and amplified by in the DRC authorities. However, considering the speed of evolution of the situation in the DRC, statements aren’t enough, only concrete actions including sanctions and holding culprits to account will stop the ongoing massacres.

The hate speech audio of interahamwe style broadcasts inciting killings of Kinyarwanda-speaking and Tutsi Congolese all over Eastern Congo and Kinshasa and posters preparing Tutsis for their demise. In broad daylight, Congolese armed gangs with machetes and other crude weapons are seen uttering words of violence. Amidst viral clips showing bodies lying in pool of blood, no Congolese leader has come out to call these criminals to order.

There were clear indications that a genocide was brewing in the DR Congo for a long time, but the International Community failed to address the issue. World leaders should look beyond baseless accusations by DRC government against Rwanda, and find a long-lasting solution to the ongoing Genocide violence in the country.

Independent, credible investigations must be carried out by International Criminal Court-ICC since DRC is a member of the court investigate the atrocities and have culprits held to account for their felonies.

If nothing is done fast, the world could witness another genocide against the Tutsi.

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