The UN in DRC fully complicit in terrorism

Failure by Monusco(UN agency) to publicly condemn the unholy coalition between FARDC and FDLR in DRC shows the Monusco is complicit in destabilizing eastern DRC. This is especially tragic given the FDLR terrorist group’s history of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Just yesterday, in sheer arrogance, the FDLR issued a statement on the ongoing fighting between FARDC and M23 confirming their strong alliance and collaboration with the Congolese military FARDC. They went as far as stating that their ultimate aim is to depose the government in Kigali.

Since the FDLR communique neither the United Nations through MONUSCO nor the DR Congo army- FARDC has come out to condemn such repugnant and repulsive statement of a designated terrorist group made of remnants of genocidaires.

It is appalling that DRC hosts a notorious group like FDLR, when the terrorists were supposed to be disarmed and sent back to Rwanda to account for crimes committed during the 1994 genocide against Tutsis. Nevertheless Congo not only hosts them, but does so under the very nose of Monusco.

Unfortunately, no one should bother asking about the use of UN in DRC, as Monusco has proven beyond doubts that they are there for self-enrichment, and that goal is best satisfied with continued instability in DRC. Which is why they will never condemn either FDLR, or the FARDC, but rather condone daily lies that “Rwanda is behind M23.”

It’s truly sad when they can only condemn M23, a Congolese group that has been grossly denied it’s rights, and whose people the Congolese Kinyarwanda Speaking Tutsis are now suffering genocide at the hands of FDLR and FARDC.

The rest of the world has to do something!

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