FDLR is the Pandora’s Box that Congo welcomed

Instead of eliminating the genocidal and terrorist FDLR in eastern DRC, the Congolese government works with them. That’s the sad history of that country. The failed Congolese state welcomes FDLR as “brothers.” At the same time, Congolese government has completely failed to fulfill its obligations to integrate the M23, a movement that came about after Kinshasa signed an agreement to integrate them in the armed forces, only to renege on the agreement.

So, they work with Rwanda Interahamwe but refuse to integrate real Congolese into FARDC, what a mess! FDLR has exported its genocide ideology to eastern DRC, which has escalated in recent months after M23 rebels sent FARDC packing. Yet, in a documentary doing the rounds online, one Congolese called Mukwege (so-called Nobel Peace Prize winner) refers affectionately to FDLR, calling them “young miners.”

Sadly, the voices of people like Mukwege are what come out of Congo as the voices of reason. The masqueraders hijack the truth and in its place, feed the uninformed with extremist narratives packaged as “humanitarian appeal.” This is what has kept Congo in a vicious cycle of crisis after crisis, because the root cause of the problem never gets to be addressed with seriousness.

Sadly, it is malevolent Congolese like Mukwege who are considered by international opinion as “eminent persons”, yet they are the main culprits of suffocating the truth.

The truth is, FDLR is Congo’s Pandora’s box, and until Congolese realize they are the genesis of their own curse (with behavior such as working with FDLR), their country will never taste peace.

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