Hypocrisy manifests once again in the handling of DR Congo accusations against Rwanda

The vicious cycle of the Congo crisis has a root in hypocrisy in the management of the problem. The principal culprit in this crisis is the successive DR Congo governments who have failed to take responsibility for their problems instead of assuming that someone else will manage them on their behalf.

The other culprit in the equation is the international community which has failed to empirically examine the problem before prescribing haphazard remedies that have instead fanned the fire.

The global response to the latest crisis, like in all previous cases, is sad, to say the least. What is evident is that very few care to tackle real issues, but mostly engage in scapegoating of the most craven kind.

Congolese authorities make the most baseless accusations against Rwanda, and that is acceptable to very many bad faith actors. But the Congolese should be called out for their failures, in the strongest terms, if there is to be ant hope of problems getting solutions. But no! Some call on “Congo and Rwanda to sit down and talk the crisis through to avoid tensions.” As if Rwanda is responsible for how Congo runs its affairs!

If there was some seriousness on the part of the international community, by now there should have been sanctions on the DRC for harboring a terrorist group, FDLR, long ago! But of course groups like MONUSCO actually are against the very idea of even talking badly about FDLR, leave alone anything as big as calling for the Congolese to account for working with the terrorist grouping. They are all in the same bed!

Asking Rwanda to hold talks with Congo over M23 is lazy and will never solve the crisis. Congolese has deliberately failed to honor their side of the bargain with M23 and other armed groups. More important is their continued cooperation with FDLR, instead of demanding, and working with MONUSCO to disarm and expel the genocidal group.

So cynical and hypocritical!

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