Human Rights Watch once again demonstrates deep-seated bias on Congo conflict

The ever biased Human Rights Watch has published an article on the latest clashes between DR Congo forces and the M23 rebels, ostensibly to “call for action.”

However, their deep-seated biases again came to the surface. HRW has failed to establish an objective stand in their reporting on human rights, and have in the process eroded all credibility whatsoever. In its latest article HRW deliberately avoids mention of FDLR, despite full knowledge that the arrival of genocidal forces in eastern Congo in 1994 was a root cause of the catastrophes this region has suffered since then.

HRW is well aware that FDLR is the offshoot of genocidal groups ex-FAR and Interahamwe, and it knows their central role in the havoc of eastern DRC, and the GL region in general. Nonetheless, HRW’s reporting on FDLR is very suspect as it has always sought to absolve them of their very criminality!

Notably, HRW has devoted less energy and space to calling for action against the FDLR than they have dedicated to reporting and calling for action against groups like M23. Why this blatant double standard?

In his report titled “The Travesty of Human Rights Watch on Rwanda”, Richard Johnson – who served as a foreign service official with the U.S. Department of State from 1979 to 2002 – observed that it was bizarre that HRW insisted that the solution to the FDLR in Congo lay not in arresting the group’s worst leaders, and screening, arresting or demobilizing and reintegrating its other leaders and foot soldiers, but in changing Rwanda!

Although some FDLR members have undergone repatriation and demobilization through efforts mostly by Rwanda, the terrorist group still maintains a huge presence in Eastern Congo where it continues its operations, and shows no sign of stopping. The fact that FDLR is tolerated (and is even supported by DR Congo armed forces) as well as MONUSCO is a real travesty. It more shocking since MONUSCO’s core mandate is to disarm FDLR and other illegal armed groups.

Furthermore the fact HRW has concentrated its energy on condemning one party, M23, has only emboldened FDLR. The cutthroat terror group recognizes that Human Rights Watch is its indispensable ally.

The stance, and the biases of organizations like HRW only show they are a huge part of the problem.

They have never been part of the solution.

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