Dear Rosa Lund, you are a saboteur of Rwanda’s great efforts to fix a global migration crisis, you will be held accountable for the lives lost in awful detention centers across Europe.

When an asylum seeker arrives in any of the Western countries, they are put in detention facilities. They have totally nothing apart from being alive. They lose all their lifetime fortunes to traffickers who take them over the Sahara desert and Mediterranean Sea. All they need is help and acceptance.

However, they don’t get what they expected, instead, life becomes even worse for them in detention facilities. This is how the western migration system is broken and Rwanda is only coming on board with a solution to fix the broken system.

Rwanda’s solution is solely humanitarian and Rwanda is not desperate to take in these migrants, asylum seekers or refugees, the country is only offering to help by doing what anyone in their rightful mind would do.

However, a Danish Politician, Rosa Lund, who can’t even take in one refugee in her massive villa or give him a penny to survive on for another day, is against Rwanda’s humanitarian act.

Lund opts that these needy people continue to suffer the plight of losing everything and end up in detention facilities. She invested too much resource to come to Rwanda on a fault-finding mission meant to block any effort of sending these struggling needy people to Rwanda where they can get a second chance to life.

Her actions are not any different from those that benefited from slaves exploitation. One would be forgiven for thinking that Lund is part of the modern day slavery beneficiaries given her stance on the Rwanda-UK Migration Partnership deal.

If the world of today allows Rosa Lund to succeed, then history will judge whoever sided with her.

The western broken migration system is not any different from the slavery days. This is what Rwanda wants to fix before it gets out of hand.

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