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People of similar character, habits, and interests always accompany together. Agnes Nkusi Uwimana and Aloyse Simpunga are birds of a feather

Like Uwimana, Aloys Simpunga is an anti-Rwanda element, a member of FDU-Inkingi (an association of genocidaires and deniers) as well as one of its senior advisers who is in charge of youth in the “Belgium chapter.”

Simpunga served as a sous-prefet in charge of social affairs in the genocidal regime. He is currently the coordinator of the subversive civil societies’ platform, so-called “Initiative Humura”, whose intention is to unite all subversive political groupings and civil societies to create a strong platform against the Government of Rwanda.

Simpunga religiously lies to have saved more than 600 Tutsis in Kigali during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi even after having worked with other genocidaires like father Munyashyaka and Jean Gahururu in listing, identifying, and hunting down Tutsis and eventually sending them to Sainte Famille cathedral for killing.

Aloys Simpunga and Agnes Uwimana are all contributors to anti-Rwanda activities such as spreading malicious lies and false allegations, disinformation, inciting the public, and staging demonstrations against President Kagame’s visit to Europe. They share their toxic lies on all social media networks, conferences, meetings, and on Radio Itahuka, and Inkingi Radio as well as initiating and participating in other activities that are meant to threaten the government and Rwandans’ interests.

Simpunga’s “sympathy and solidarity” for fellow liar Uwimana to discredit the government of Rwanda with false allegations is the core objective of their anti-Rwanda mission.

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