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Rusesabagina’s daughters deceitful campaigns staged in front of the White House won’t save their convicted terrorist father

This week, Rusesabagina family was heavily into their usual pseudo-events. The family of the convicted terrorist surfaced the white house, in their shoddy campaigns intended to make profits through selling of their convicted terrorist father-related illusions.

This happened, just a while after the family communicated that they would file a lawsuit against the Rwandan government for ‘abducting, torturing a renowned wanted terrorist- Rusesabagina.’ The family itself knows, that the allegations are baseless, but the intention is to keep misleading, extorting the unacquainted western societies.

Like Rusesabagina himself, his family also has learnt how to benefit from fabricated heroism of Rusesabagina. The recent campaigns done by Rusesabagina’s adopted children Carine Kanimba and Anais Kanimba, have as main objective, to keep peddling lies to conceal his terrorism acts that killed nine innocent unarmed civilians and injured scores while their belongings were looted and ransacked.

The family of a convicted terrorist should abort these kinds of campaigns; they will not change the ruling of the court. They will only fool their gullible audience deceived by Hollywood’s rhetoric of the so-called ‘Hotel Rwanda Hero’.

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