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Terrorist Rusesabagina’s family and sympathizers exagerate his health condition as they fail on his freedom campaign

Ever since the terror group- FLN leader Terrorist Paul Rusesabagina was convicted of terrorism-related crimes, his family and sympathizers have been engaging in lousy campaigns meant to have the convict released from jail in vain.

The pro-Rusesabagina have put up enormous fronts to whitewash the terrorist with an aim to conceal his crimes. They easily forget that the terrorist confessed in a court of law for having created an armed terrorist group which was responsible for terrorists attacks in Nyungwe and Nyabimata that claimed nine (9) innocent lives, left scores injured, properties looted and destroyed.

After Rusesabagina’s family realized that his crimes could not be tolerated by any country (not even his sympathizers), his two daughters Anaise and Carine Kanimba came up with a very synical idea pushing a false narrative that his life condition was deteriorating in prison. But Rusesabagina himself admitted having access to his preferred meals and drinks as well as a specialized medical care.

Rusesabagina is a convicted criminal who must account for his crimes. The purported ‘bad health condition’ won’t stop him from facing the music.

Carine and others’ yelling won’t change a thing. They should allow the victims of Rusesabagina’s terror attacks to mourn their loved ones. Such lame excuses won’t hold.

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