Whenever the Rwandan Leader travels abroad, he is hunting down every opportunity for Rwandans at all costs.

As Rwandans are benefiting big from different diplomatic corporations, RNC propagandist David Himbara a.k.a Murunganwa is saddened by the achievements and reaped benefits.

When the Rwandan leader went to Qatar, Himbara complained, yet Rwandans were getting a good deal that resulted in a partnership that is the Bugesera International Airport.

When the Rwandan Leader went to the UK, Himbara yapped, little did he know that it would result in CHOGM coming to Rwanda.

When the Rwandan leader traveled to Germany, the world’s best architects came to Rwanda and put up Kigali Convention Center and more are to come, but Himbara is so myopic to see this.

The Rwandan Leader is in Congo Brazaville on a trip that will see Rwanda reap big. Several MoU covering areas of Trade, economic cooperation, and political affairs have been lined up for the signing.

These MoUs will enormously benefit Rwanda as a country, and the Rwandan private sector, as well as build a deeper political benefit for the, two countries.

For Himbara, he simply rushes the to publish his usual smear posts and deliberately leaves out the mand and time of the trips. What kind of a “professor” talks about a trip without mentioning the motive behind it? Well, that kind of a “professor” is the sadist and idle terror propagandist David Himbara.

Wherever the president goes, Rwandans reap big. In Congo Brazzaville, Rwandans are to score big once again.

In his quest to get the best for Rwandans, the President works tirelessly and even reaches every corner of the world. But most importantly, he will never return home empty-handed.

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