RNC’s lapdog Himbara exposes his hypocrisy

The RNC weed-smoking propagandist David Himbara aka Murunganwa, in his recent Facebook post, shot himself in the foot by revealing to his small audience how hypocrite he’s. Himbara publicly acknowledged that the1994 Genocide against Tutsi was planned and executed by the genocidal regime, but then again, chooses to defend the perpetrators.

The writing is on the wall, the same failed academic Himbara, back in 2019, travelled miles to Sweden just to defend a convicted genocide perpetrator Theodore Rukeratabaro. The RNC attack Dog acted as a defense witness in Rukeratabaro’s trial, a renowned genocidaire.

Typically, this is a very hypocritical act for Himbara, the funded lunatic has never meant what he says. You can’t articulate the stages of the Genocide against Tutsi and still defend the perpetrators who planned, and executed it. The dull-witted drug addict Himbara is a proponent of genocide ideology, so he should stick with what he believes and defends.

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