RNC attack-dog Himbara fails to grasp why the UK trusts President Kagame

David Himbara aka Murunganwa –dictator Museveni and Rujugiro’s funded puppet- has moved to bulling anyone with a different opinion on Rwanda. After failing to convince anyone with his dirty propaganda, Murunganwa is now in full of swing, twisting the UK conservative lawmaker Andrew Mitchell’s opinion on his government’s proposal to spend on the asylum seekers.

MP Mitchell questioning the spending of the UK government on the asylum seekers made the self proclaimed economist and drug addict barking like an hungry street-dog on a highway.

The failure continues yapping continuously hoping that the UK administration will take his garbage into consideration. The Rujugiro’s sponsored motor-mouthed troll is constantly irked by the UK’s confidence and trust bestowed in President Kagame’s government that resulted into a consideration of sending asylum seekers to his country for processing and settlement.

For many years ago Rwanda has been a reassurance place for many refugees from all corners of the world and has the culture of respecting and protecting refugees from harm. The RNC yapper, failed to understand the intention of the UK government, yet not only UK but also the UNHCR itself lauds Rwanda for its efforts, generous contributions towards ensuring the safety and well-being of refugees.

Himbara has always been a failure dating long ago. Those who know him laugh off his poor arguments. The weed-smoker failed his high school studies and changed his name from Murunganwa to Himbara to get himself a fake degree. That’s the fool who jumps on every positive story about Rwanda, to justify his paycheck.

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