Genocide Survivor impostor Gatebuke’s co-authored Book discredited before launch

Claude Gatebuke’s so-called Book has been making rounds on Social Media platforms owned, funded by overseas-based Genocidaires and members of anti-Rwanda terror groups. The Book has attracted massive criticism before its launch because of the elements behind its authors and the half-baked testimonies set to be publicized.

The confused flimflammer Gatebuke’s fictitious book banks on the ‘Double-Genocide’ theory, the much-discredited ‘Mapping Report’ that was rejected by the United Nations due to biases, discrepancies and inaccuracies found in it and the kind of personalities, the self-styled experts behind its creation.

To begin with, the co-author Gatebuke is masquerader who denies his background. He rides on a token of being a 1994 Genocide survivor to earn public sympathy, a status he has abused by soliciting and swindling huge chunk of money from the misinformed American and European societies.

Gatebuke and Co run series of talk shows on YouTube channels such as ‘Ribara Uwariraye’, and through Genocidaires’ lobbyists, are invited to speak at conferences and events to propagate anti-Rwanda narratives that distort, belittle and deny the Genocide against Tutsi.

Before co-authoring Books, Gatebuke should first come to terms with his background, he is the son of Justin Gatebuke, a Hutu from the former Commune Gisenyi, and this alone begs a serious question of how could a Hutu family be a victim of the Tutsi Genocide?

Any sober mind can predict what the Book content will be like. All kinds of trash, fictitious theories, and unfounded allegations aimed at paralyzing Rwanda’s quest to unite the people as well as sabotaging the country’s development agenda.

It has become a routine exercise whenever the Genocide remembrance period nears, all genocide revisionists and their sponsors push the ‘Double-Genocide’ theory to shape a moral equivalence that the Rwanda Patriotic Army/Front- RPA/F committed crimes. The whole campaign is meant to shield the genocide perpetrators from being held to account for their heinous crimes.

We are set for yet another comical adventure from Gatebuke that will not turn any heads.

Thoughts of a concerned citizen

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