RNC Terrorist Propagandist Himbara Now Stalking Online

The RNC terrorist propaganda has been dealt a massive blow with the Rwanda-Uganda normalization process. Their mission to pin Rwanda against Uganda has not fared well and now their mouthpieces are struggling to find relevance. One David Himbara aka Murunganwa is so disoriented that he has ridiculously opted to stalk the President of Rwanda. Desperately, he hopes to find a subject to twist in favour of his anti-Rwanda narrative.

Murunganwa couldn’t find anything. All trips that kept him up stalking where successful, so he began to complain that pilots must be tired with “Landing at Eight Airports in the Past Ten Days”. His claim is ridiculous and any pilot, even a student, would laugh at him publically. It is only in a ragtag terrorist organization like RNC where 8 airports in 10 days is considered hard work. According to pilots, regional pilots may take off and land eight or more times per day!

The academic fraudster ought to do research for his slander to at least sound believable. But the paid Mouthpiece simply throws mud and hopes that it sticks. He fraudulently switched names form Muruganwa to Himbara after failing high school to sneak into University but in today’s digital world; fraud is harder!

While his lack of inspiration leads him to stalking and frivolous commentaries, the terrorist propagandist should be careful. Yes, stalking is illegal and criminal but doing that to a Head of State can lead to charges that are more serious. His boredom will not end well; it will end in tears.

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