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Defeated RNC Propagandist Himbara not sure what to smear with!

When it comes to smearing Rwanda, David Himbara will use almost anything to fulfill his RNC mission funded by Tribert Rujugiro. With projects for a railway and an mRNA factory underway in Rwanda, Himbara fumes at a visit of such installations by the President of Rwanda in Senegal.

The paid mouthpiece has sworn that no such things would happen in Rwanda. He called Rwanda’s plans “fantasies” or “impossible” but now, with railway constructions funds secured and factory constructions already underway; Himbara is now wondering what to smear. Once again, his lost his bet against Rwanda and is now left to his addictions.

What will follow, when reality sinks in that he failed, is that Himbara will fall deeper into depression. Truth be told, he really messed up hoping that RNC would make him rich and famous. So far, it has only made him poor and miserable with Rujugiro sending him just enough money to feed his drug and alcohol problems. Where is the victory RNC promised him in 2010? That’s what he should be asking the fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa and Tribert Rujugiro. Himbara will wait forever, he was fooled and he fooled others. Rwanda continued on her path to success while her enemies yielded nothing but sorrows.

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