Desperate Jambo Asbl members are stressed that their anti-Rwanda agenda isn’t working, as instead Rwanda keeps on winning

Jambo ASBL is the face of genocide denial. It’s members are a Europe-based group of offspring of top fugitives of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. One Norman Ishimwe recently published a story twisting the reason Rwanda sent troops in Cabo Delgado with the lying title “Is the Rwandan army becoming the Wagner of France and Europe?” on Jambo ASBL’s website.

Norman Ishimwe is a board member of Jambo asbl, and the son of André Sinamenye who was a Minister in the regime of Habyarimana. However, Sinamenye – who is repentant – advised his son Norman multiple times not to associate himself with radical and terrorist groups such as Jambo Asbl, but the son still chose to support genocidaires.

Norman Ishimwe is therefore the only member of Jambo asbl who was not encouraged by his parents to be an activist in this revisionist criminal group Jambo asbl (unlike Robert Mugabowindekwe, Laure Uwase, Natacha Abingeneye, Placide Kayumba, Ruhumuza, Gustave Mbonyumutwa and the others). Ishimwe chose the wrong path by joining anti Rwanda youths who have a very strong motivation to spread poisonous falsehoods about Rwanda. They mostly are haunted by the shame of the crimes committed by their parents, and therefore are hard at work trying to whitewash their deeds.

They can’t accept that a place their criminal parents destroyed and fled has now developed in all aspects, to the extent it is now offering support to other countries. These genocide deniers and anti-Rwanda activists are angered that the Rwanda and Mozambican armies are bringing back peace in Cabo Delgado.

It has been nearly seven months since Rwanda, at the request of Mozambique, deployed troops to the country’s northernmost Province of Cabo Delgado, to help fight the terrorists, stabilize the area as well as restore state authority. Troops from Rwanda have helped stem a jihadist insurgency in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province that had by early 2021 spiraled into a regional security threat. Since Rwanda’s deployment, many insurgents have quit fighting and they took back control of key towns.

When European countries cooperate between each other, it is all normal, but when African countries do the same then reactionary groups, such as Jambo Asbl, fabricate reasons, and do their best to tarnish the cooperation. Jambo not being happy about Rwanda that it is supporting other fellow countries is not surprising given their neo-colonialist supporters. Their obsession with tarnishing Rwanda however will keep exposing them for the morally bankrupt reactionaries they are!

In the meantime, Rwanda grows from strength to strength.

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