Drug addict Himbara of the RNC terrorist group idiotic jubilations

The RNC terrorist propagandist David Himbara aka Murunganwa is jubilating that a company filed for bankruptcy in South Africa. Just like the sex for grades pest Charles Kambanda, he seems to derive his joy from the mere fact a Multi national corporation based in South Africa is filling for bankruptcy protection. As the company has a branch in Rwanda, Himbara thinks it is good news and good material for his anti-Rwanda propaganda.

Corporations open and close all the time and sometimes, they file for Bankruptcy protection to protect assets in turbulent times such as the current Covid-19 one. For example, SABENA is said to be bankrupt but in reality, it is now called SN Brussels. But these are too complex concepts for Murunganwa who failed high school only to fake the name Himbara to sneak into University.

Clearly, he skipped or failed basic business classes and his propaganda that one company’s bad faith means doom for a country is ridiculous. Does he think one company closing down, assuming it closes down, will spell disaster for an entire country?

The idiocy of his jubilation is even more laughable if one recalls who sponsors Himbara. He is paid by Tribert Rujugiro, an international fraudster that has filed for bankruptcy in at least five different countries. He should therefore spend more time advising Rujugiro on how to avoid another case in court for tax evasion, money laundering and other economic crimes.

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