Terrorist Propagandist Himbara Targets Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in his Smear Campaign against Rwanda

Terrorist Propagandist David Himbara aka Murunganwa, paid to smear Rwanda by the international crook and fraudster Tribert Rujugiro, is going after the US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. He is angered that she refused to follow the erratic bandwagon that confused Rusesabagina – a confessed terrorist ringleader – to a “Hollywood fictional hero”.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar had the clarity of exposing Rusesabagina as a convicted terrorist. The conviction was expected as he had publicly claimed responsibility for attacks that killed 9 unarmed innocent civilians and injured many more. Her intervention infuriated the hostile anti-Rwanda activists and members of terrorist organizations like Himbara.

Himbara doesn’t hide or shy away from threatening to tarnish her legacy by writing, “your legacy is at risk because of your utterly incomprehensible stance on Rwanda.” The paid mouthpiece certainly means business when it comes to mudslinging and his sponsors bankroll him adequately to do so. From nowhere, Himbara, once paid more than $450,000 to Podesta – US based lobbyist group – just to secure a hearing to utter smear against Rwanda.

The RNC terrorist propagandist doesn’t even hold-back from trolling the US Congresswoman by reminding her of a trip she took to Rwanda. Soon, expect wild rumors, slander and fake news targeting Ilhan Omar courtesy of the RNC Cybercriminal group.

Himbara has his sight set on the Congresswoman and nothing will stop him.

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