Terrorist Propagandist Himbara Displacing His Hopeless Situation

RNC terrorist propagandist is playing “displacement” with his troubles on multiple fronts. His drugs addition, his terrible outlook as an RNC propagandist with the improving relations between Rwanda and Uganda and finally, his aimless loitering around in foreign lands when his country is safe.

About ten years ago, David Himbara aka Murunganwa got it wrong when he placed his bet against Rwanda with a cartel of terrorists that hoped to take over the country. Stupidly, he betrayed his country and ended up with nothing. When his failure became clear, he tried to drown his sorrows in alcohol, weed and even cocaine but nothing worked. To make matters worse, the 72 year old terrorist propagandist is helplessly looking at the normalization of bilateral relations between Rwanda and Uganda!

Effectively, Himbara is a pointless vagabond in his old age unable to kick his addiction. He lost everything when he joined RNC and gained nothing but sorrows!

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