RNC terrorist propagandist David Himbara tries to protect ADF – RNC’s allies!

The RNC terrorist propagandist, David Himbara aka Murunganwa, failed to spark war between Rwanda and its neighbors. He now resorts to distorting a speech by the President of Rwanda in Parliament. The move is a desperate one, Himbara forgets that the speech is in the public domain; anyone can listen to it and certainly, no one will trust Himbara’s interpretation of the speech.

The paid mouthpiece, sponsored by Tribert Rujugiro, lame distortion is that Rwanda supposedly issued a threat against DR Congo. It is a false claim as the President was talking about the ADF terrorist threat. Why would Himbara be the only one to hear about a threat to invade Congo even before Congolese officials?

Countries have armed forces to defend against enemies at home and abroad. Moreover, no country wants to fight on its land and they endeavor to avoid such a fight with various doctrines: First strike, Preemptive strikes, etc… Fundamentally, countries reserve the right to defend themselves even outside their jurisdiction. States will use force to protect citizens against terrorist groups like RNC and ADF. It was done before and it will be done in the future; Himbara cannot protect his ADF allies with propaganda.

Enemies of Rwanda should know that it has a formidable army, the RNC militias are aware of this. That’s why they hired Himbara to wage a virtual war on social media, RDF is just too strong for them! RNC, ADF, P5, and all other negative forces combined cannot match RDF’s strength. Himbara will not manage to protect them from a proper beating.

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