RNC Mouthpiece Himbara Incoherent and Worried

One of the most incoherent anti-Rwanda propagandist is David Himbara, aka Murunganwa, who is paid by Tribert Rujugiro to push RNC terrorist narratives. Himbara tries to link the appointment of Abel Kandiho, the former CMI boss, as the Ugandan Police Chief of Joint Staff to Rwanda. As a paid mouthpiece for the RNC terrorist militia, he is desperate to fuel a crisis that benefits his terrorist group.

The incoherence displayed by Himbara and his fellow anti-Rwanda propagandists began with the firing of Kandiho from CMI. Back then, trolls like Himbara and Charles Kambanda swore that the dismissal had nothing to do with Rwanda. The same group of hostile propagandists are now jubilating that Kandiho’s appointment in the Uganda Police is due to Rwanda. Which is it?

In reality, Rwanda — for the past 4 years — protested and proved that CMI was hunting down its citizens in Uganda. Subsequently, when protests fell on deaf ears, Rwanda issued a travel warning to Rwandans against trips to Uganda. Other points proven by Rwanda were systematic support for anti-Rwanda militias by CMI. How the state of Uganda opted to deal with the issue to restore normal relations with Rwanda obviously depends on Uganda as international relations dictates.

Normal relations between Uganda and Rwanda, however, threaten the existence of Himbara’s terrorist organization. Naturally, the paid mouthpiece therefore tries to weaponize every single event to disrupt the process. Moreover, Kandiho’s new appointment is in fact a demotion! He no longer runs a security organization but is now the third in line to an organization with less powers.

A confidential source accurately commented, “But that is none of our affairs, as long as the persecution stops” and added, “of course Himbara and his propaganda will try to stir up issues where there is nothing. That’s how he makes money!” Himbara should worry, what will he do when normal relations is restored?

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