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Anti-Rwanda groups only fool the gullible who have no clue about their disappearance schemes

Anti-Rwanda groups never catch a breather in cooking up disappearance stories with every faux pas in their circles. They go ahead to pin their alleged disappearances on the government of Rwanda, only to get caught up in their own web of lies time and again. Today it’s Bahati, tomorrow it’s Shyaka Gilbert, and the other it’s one so and so. It goes on and on for as long as it attracts enough attention for their anti-Rwanda agenda.

In July 2019, Constantin Tuyishimire who was a journalist at Radio 1/ TV1 after putting himself in inescapable debts, fled to Uganda. But since then, we were greeted by the cacophonies of anti- Rwanda that the journalist was kidnapped.

Gilbert Shyaka is another example. For months since April 2021, Rwandan media, particularly social media, was inundated with reports that Gilbert Shyaka had been kidnapped or slain. However, this January, Gilbert reappeared at his home with a different narrative from the one that had been pushed by the anti-Rwanda groups, telling whoever wants to listen of the continued kidnappings of their people.

The list goes on.

These anti-Rwanda groups and individuals, who are parmehutu ideologists, genocide against the Tutsi deniers and other failed ambitious politicians, and their toxic narratives that intend to stain the image of Rwanda will only fool their credulous audience, including PEN International and other gullible ones who jump on that bandwagon without critical thinking and substantial evidence

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