Honderich Should Haunt Himbara for Hypocrisy

If hypocrisy was a person, it would be David Himbara aka Murunganwa the terrorist RNC propagandist. Drunk and under the influence of hard drugs, the RNC mouthpiece paid by Rujugiro to smear Rwanda writes a tribute to the late John Honderich. Has Himbara forgotten what he did to Honderich?

In his days as a senior Government official, Himbara had a habit of barging in newsrooms and intimidate journalists. The late John Honderich witnessed firsthand a classic “Himbara assault” and how arrogant the paid troll used to be. Himbara stormed the NewTimes to bark and fire editors and when Honderich tried to intervene in favor of the editors, Himbara told him, “You too, get out. This is not your country!”

Now, with crocodile tears, David Himbara aka Murunganwa eulogies Honderich leaving out how he chased him out of the NewTimes. The mouthpiece might have fooled universities by changing his name from Murunganwa to Himbara, but in the media fraternity in Rwanda, they still remember how Himbara used to terrorize them with abusive night calls and raids in their news room. Waiters in bars, traffic police officers on the road and many other still remember the rude, arrogant and violent Himbara.

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