RNC propagandist Himbara is angered by peace and development in Mozambique

David Himbara, aka Murunganwa, is an upset terrorist propagandist angered by the mere fact that Mozambique is recovering from terrorism with Rwanda’s help. The RNC terrorist propagandist is allergic to peace and most importantly, the paid mouthpiece is allergic to anything that shows Rwanda in a positive light. Paid to tarnish Rwanda by Rujugiro, the visit of TotalEnergy’s CEO to Rwanda and Mozambique causes an anaphylactic shock for Himbara. He can’t breath with such good news.

For a paycheque, Himbara would be willing to write anything but still, his attack on peace in Mozambique is surprising. If TotalEnergies was investing in Mozambique before a sustained wave of terrorism forced them to halt, is it not logical for the energy company to resume its business once security improves?

The Chairman and CEO of TotalEnergies Patrick Pouyanné wrote on his twitter account, “Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet President Paul Kagame. Following the meeting, TotalEnergies and RDB (Rwanda Development Board) signed a MoU to develop the energy sector. This new collaboration illustrates our multi-energy strategy in Africa and in Rwanda, a country with a booming economy.” For a propagandist paid to smear Rwanda, that statement spelled doom to his narrative that the country has a failing economy.

While the whole world praised Rwanda for its assistance to Mozambique in the fight against terrorism, with his adopted name “Himbara” – used to sneak into University after failing high school – Rujugiro’s mouthpiece continues to launch smear that the intervention was motivate by financial interests. Naturally, the paid mouthpiece is unable to understand the simply concept of brotherhood. Turns out Himbara’s oldest half-brother is his actual father by forcing himself on his mother; can someone born such a taboo comprehend that brothers help each other?

Himbara is damaged goods, a sociopath that must tarnish Rwanda to earn a living.

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