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RNC mouthpiece Himbara is worried about his sponsor Museveni in CHOGM

Its very obvious, the sponsors of RNC mouthpiece David Himbara aka Murunganwa —Museveni and Rujugiro— are wondering how they will cope in the Commonwealth when Rwanda becomes its chair come 2022.

Murunganwa’s sponsors, Museveni and Rujugiro have realized that they can no longer sabotage CHOGM to stop it from taking place in Kigali. For lack of an alternative way, they are now attempting to use the Rusesabagina case; they simply don’t have a single notch of a convincing narrative.

One question that Himbara should answer is if his master, Museveni, will shamelessly come to Kigali for CHOGM after persecuting thousands of innocent Rwandans. Surely, Rwanda wouldn’t mind as it is well versed in diplomatic practices but will Museveni master the courage to face those he persecuted for selfish reasons? Most importantly, will he have the stomach to digest such a success by Rwanda?

Moreover, it is not just Rwanda that will be present at the gathering. Countries that have condemned his terrible human rights record and dictatorship, countries that have called him out for rampant corruption (including looting funds allocated Covid-19 recovery) will be in attendance. The gathering will also remember how his regime botched the organization of a CHOGM in Uganda with millions stolen from the organization.

The “red carpet” for him will be laid out for CHOGM, but will he feel comfortable given his shameful? Let wait and see!

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