Museveni fails to meet global standards, hides his shame by tarnishing Rwanda

After failing to emulate Kigali, Museveni embarked on doing everything possible to halt the Kigali Car Free Day by unleashing all his attack dogs like Titus Seruga a.k.a serubwa to criticism the events in Kigali yet they lack the narrative.

Rwanda championed the healthy lifestyle initiatives of a car-free day in 2016 to boost healthy living through collective exercises It is also an opportunity for mobilisation for the protection of the environment and contributes to the reduction of gas emission.

Ethiopia borrowed a leaf from Rwanda and has since succeed. However, Kampala attempted to copy Kigali back in January 2019 and failed because there is lack state authority and unruly city dwellers.

Kigali’s successful car free day has attracted global attention as an innovative. However, it embarrasses despot Museveni for his failure to innovate or even emulated positive initialtives. Car Free day gives him sleepless nights by show-casing how Rwanda progressing while he is failing. Unleashing his online attack trolls is his way of sabotaging Rwanda’s successes.

Museveni’s minions can shout as much as they want, no amount of noise will make Rwanda fail.

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