RNC Mouthpiece fails to smear Rwanda’s independent judiciary and prosecution

David Himbara aka Murunganwa, the RNC mouthpiece paid by Museveni and Rujugiro to smear Rwanda, has specialized in flip flopping developments in Rwanda. In his most recent attempt to please his sponsor and earn his pay, Himbara takes new development in the Cyuma Hassan case to slander Rwanda’s judiciary. However, the case illustrates how independent the judiciary is in Rwanda.

Murunganwa, now called Himbara, switched names after failing his high school with straight Fs. He simply bought the name Himbara and the grades of the student to enroll in University. He continued his academic forgery throughout; buying grades from brighter students and corrupt Professors. It is no wonder that he is completely unware of a principal in law that dictates the prosecution to both charge and discharges suspects in the interest of justice.

In Cyuma’s case, Rwanda’s prosecution proved its professionalism by appealing to discharge him of some charges while maintaining other counts. The Rwandan judiciary is showing its independence and its fairness.

In contrast, in his sponsor’s regime, Museveni simply ignores the law and abducts those freed by Ugandan courts. He publically humiliates his courts and his judiciary by sending his intelligence officers in tinted cars to abduct anyone released, acquitted or granted bail without his consent. Opposition MPs Ssegirinya, Ssewanyana and countless other opposition activists were released by Ugandan courts just to be abducted to military barracks and safe houses. That’s how Museveni appeals, he abducts you and forces the judge to start a fresh.

Himbara ought to be careful; his senile sponsor doesn’t only mistreat his citizens, he sometimes turns on his foreign minions too. Ben Rutabana, a RNC terrorist that was on Museveni payroll like Himbara, tasted Museveni’s idea of justice. The senile dictator, on Kayumba Nyamwasa’s request, sent Rutabana to his military intelligence (CMI) and now he is one of many victims of Museveni’s forced disappearances.

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