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In attempting to wrongly advise Rwigema’s son, RNC mouthpiece Himbara shoots himself in the foot

It is perplexing how a person who claims to have a Ph.D. lacks the basic reasoning to an extent of terribly embarrassing himself. However, to the RNC mouthpiece David Himbara, reputation means nothing to him that he is willing to go miles in embarrassing himself as long as he pleases his masters Museveni and Rujugiro just to stay on their payroll.

In another attempt to keep late Gen. Fred Rwigema’s son away from Rwanda, Himbara awkwardly claims that Rwanda wants to kill him and his sister but he forgets that the sister is happily married and established in Rwanda.

In his inept post, Himbara forgets that he started his post to radicalize the innocent young man, and starts a whole different story of the creation of RFP Inkotanyi, then goes on to say that the late Gen. Rwigema was his comrade.

Under no circumstance, whether dead or alive, would a man like the late Rwigema, a patriot, ever be a comrade to the likes of Himbara a.k.a Murunganwa who drag their country in the mad for mere breadcrumbs from ill-wishers. What Himbara lives for is contrary to what Rwigema fought for. He fought for his children and all Rwandans for a safe home in Rwanda, unlike self-exiled Himbara who is luring his son to stay away from Rwanda.

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