RNC mouthpiece Himbara joins Kampala cabal in trying to mislead Rwigema’s son

RNC mouthpiece David Himbara in his latest diatribes against Rwanda (for which he is on Museveni and Rujugiro’s pauroll) is working tirelessly, trying to keep the late Gen. Fred Rwigema’s son away from Rwanda.

CMI media have been inciting hate by resurrecting their lie that “Rwigema was killed by his co-commanders” (with the ultimate smear aimed at President Kagame). The claims are concoctions, cooked up by the propagandists of Museveni, and constantly peddled in their websites, as well as their social media accounts dedicated to anti-Rwanda propaganda. Himbara aka Murunganwa only is one of the many conduits of this campaign against Rwanda, dedicated to murdering the truth.

But the late Rwigema’s son, Eric Gisa Jr. won’t feel too happy seeing a clique of ill-intentioned people hired by Museveni, like Himbara, turning his father’s heroic demise (when an enemy bullet hit Fred) into an instrument of smears! This is how cheap Himbara and his paymaster are: exploiting the tragic death at battle of Afande Fred (whom the Kampala cabal so often claim to “love” with frequent crocodile tears) to mudsling and demonize the President of Rwanda every chance they get, knowing fully well what a lie it is. All of course is because the President of Rwanda and his administration stood firm long ago to resist the meddling of the Kampala cabal into the affairs of Rwanda!

Murunganwa (that’s Himbara’s original name) is a fraud, as ever, that knows the truth but has zero personal integrity – hence finding no problem parroting every CMI-concocted lie. There can be nothing else to expect from someone like Himbara – a person that sold his soul long ago. We know that after he was given responsibilities in the Rwandan administration, and proved too incompetent, he ran away – to join those bent on destabilizing Rwanda, and get on their payroll.

It is very characteristic of Himbara that now he is advancing the Kampala cabal’s goal of misleading Gisa’s son.

That is Murunganwa in his true colors.

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