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RNC propagandists, Himbara et al, trapped in shame over H.E wedding speech

The anti-Rwanda elements gang, including RNC propagandists like David Himbara a.k.a Murunganwa found themselves trapped in shame after President Kagame showed up for Teta Gisa’s wedding, and even delivered his speech as a Guest of Honor.

To the smear campaigners, who hoped and wished that he would not attend the wedding for them to shell Rwanda with all sorts of smear, curled their shameful tails back to find something negative to throw around. His attendance at the wedding meant that they had to erase everything they had prepared.

Himbara, who is paid by Museveni and Rujugiro has to find an alternative way to appease his paymasters. He resorted to attacking the speech of the Head of State in which he encouraged Late Fred Rwigema’s son Gisa Eric Junior to return home to a country his father fought for and died for.

In fact, one of the core objectives of the liberation struggle was to have Rwandans who had been in exile for long to return. What the President said is rooted to the values of the RPF Inkotanyi but this seems alien to Himbara.

In his twisted mind, Himbara wants all Rwandans to take his radical path of self-exiling. He knows well that when he first made himself a refugee, the RPF brought him back and even employed him in the highest office of the land. He however opted to run back to exile for the second time, yet no one chased him or had any issues with him.

To him, abandoning his country, being a self exiled refugee surviving on foreigners’ handouts is the best thing he has ever achieved.

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