Ellen Kampire

Himbara’s attacks on Rwanda’s education and his silence about Uganda’s decayed system

It is no secret that much as he likes to boast high academic credentials, RNC mouthpiece David Himbara – whose anti-Rwanda smears are bankrolled by Tribert Rujugiro and Museveni – actually failed his Ordinary (O) Level exams at Ndejje Senior Secondary School. He scored some straight “9”s in all subjects, save an 8 in English!

Himbara a.k.a Murunganwa in fact had to usurp the identity of someone else to attain a schooling beyond O levels. Yet the shameless propagandist dares try to smear Rwanda’s education system – wonders never cease!

To begin with, it has come to light that Murunganwa’s paymaster, senile Museveni tasked him to cover up the mess in Uganda’s dilapidated education system by trying to create diversionary stories about Rwanda. This follows a public outcry in Uganda against the delayed re-opening of schools.

This has raised a lot of questions, first and foremost the suitability of Uganda’s minister of education – Museveni’s very wife Janet Kataha – to be in charge of the country’s education. It is beyond travesty! For Museveni to hand the country’s education system to his wife, well known to be quasi-illiterate and completely incompetent shows a limitless contempt for Ugandans.

Janet Kataha Museveni has a history of having failed O-Levels, outright, at Bweranyangye Girls School, just like Himbara! There is no record of her attending A-Level. She skipped all the way up to University. Also Makerere University waived all admission requirements for the Bachelor of Education (BED) to allow Janet Kataha Makumbi Mwesigwa Museveni enroll for the course.

She is a total fraud, like the entire Museveni regime.

She used Molly Asiimwe to do her course works and exams at Makerere. However, one Opolot, a senior lecturer in the department of psychology, once caught Molly sitting for Janet’s exams and both were summoned in the University Examinations Tribunal. All members were threatened and withdrew from the case, but Opolot who wanted Molly and Kataha dismissed from university stepped up the fight. Opolot was instead dismissed from Makerere University.

To date, Molly Asiimwe remains Kataha’s personal assistant, and the de facto minister of education.

No wonder they are completely ruining Uganda’s education, and the future of millions of children, while Murunganwa spins anti-Rwanda propaganda.

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