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RNC mouthpiece Himbara shamefully can’t explain why G20 did not invite his master Museveni, chooses to smear Rwanda

In an attempt to cover up his paymaster Museveni’s embarrassment at not getting an invite to the G20 summit, David Himbara, the RNC mouthpiece deliberately misinterprets the whole reason behind the G20 summit.

Himbara aka Murunganwa strangely tries to make a big deal of his invented claim that “US President Joe Biden avoided meeting his Rwandan counterpart.” As if people are gullible fools that can’t know that the Rome G20 summit was not about the two presidents meeting. Himbara, ever a liar, knows this yet deliberately chooses to push his false narrative, in the hope that the public won’t question why the world has isolated his paymaster Museveni.

Member states of the G20 invite other leaders of the world’s major economies who are capable of pushing and influencing a global agenda. Museveni was not invited because he doesn’t meet any of the criteria required for one to get such an invitation.

Poor Himbara aka Murunganwa, always trying to spin the impossible, ending looking every inch the propagandist he is!

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