RNC Propagandist should worry about his child, others have successfully raised theirs

David Himbara, the RNC propagandist paid by Rujugiro and Museveni, is quoting from a website called dirt to smear. In his attack, the paid mouthpiece illustrates his deep-rooted hate of the President of Rwanda. He claims that the President threw an extravagant birthday when in reality his birthday was celebrated with a few family and friends. The sponsored mouthpiece then extends his bitter attack to the President’s son quoting the dirt tabloid.

A typical tabloid, the dirty article attacks other celebrities and successful personalities. No one, except Himbara and other hostile trolls would bother with hearsay published a tabloid. However, his attack opens Pandora’s Box on Himbara’s own parenting record as clearly his target managed to raise a son successful to the point of attracting a US based tabloid.

What kind of father is Himbara?

Short answer, Himbara is a disastrous father who divorced his wife and moved to a life of endless parties. When he failed to stage a state capture with the help of his terrorist RNC members, he crawled back to his wife Fazela Haniff to find his daughter in shambles. He found his daughter battling with anorexia, depression and all sorts of issues caused in part by his absenteeism.

One would not fall as low as Himbara in revealing his daughter’s name, her specific issues and addictions but facts are facts, she is a mess because her father abandoned her because of his own addiction. Besides, Himbara knows the truth and will not challenge that his daughter is a mess and that his absence and addiction has a big part to do with it.

The mouthpiece should therefore spend more time worrying about his messed up daughter.

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