RNC mouthpiece Himbara tries to distort trade issues, thinking public can forget Museveni is responsible for misery of Ugandan traders

Paid to smear Rwanda by Rujugiro and Museveni, RNC mouthpiece David Himbara aka Murunganwa falsely sounds an alarm that “the Rwandan economy is in trouble”, alleging “trade difficulties with the US”, and Uganda. He deliberately blows out of proportion a minor trade issue with the US, to cover the serious issue of the Ugandan regime’s support for terrorist militias. All Himbara is trying to do is shift blame from his sponsor Museveni.

Rwanda banned importation of second hand cloth, and the ban had an adverse effect on the AGOA (The African Growth and Opportunity Act) trade agreement between Rwanda and the US. Rwandan cloth faced tariff barriers, but contrary to what the terrorist mouthpiece claims; trade between the two nations continued. Only 3 percent of the US-Rwanda trade was affected, and US officials clarified: “Rwanda remains eligible to receive non-apparel benefits available under AGOA, and the President’s action does not affect the vast majority of Rwanda’s exports to the United States.”

That’s clear, right? Not where Murunganwa is concerned!

He has to build a mountain out of a molehill. He also has to distort the nature of trade issues between Uganda and Rwanda, to cover up Museveni’s responsibility. Uganda’s trade issues with Rwanda are completely different. By supporting terrorist militia groups like FDLR, RNC, RUD-Urunana all bent at destabilizing the security of Rwanda, and by Ugandan security agencies mounting a campaign of terrorism against Rwandans in Uganda, Museveni’s action collapsed trade between the two countries. Uganda’s economy lost a lucrative export market to Rwanda because Museveni opted to sponsor terrorism against Rwanda.

Now his officials or local administrators all are calling on him to end his hostile policy against Rwanda. The cost is just too much for them to bear. It is estimated that Uganda so far has lost over 440 billion Ugandan Shillings in export revenues.

This is why Murunganwa has jumped in with distractions on AGOA, and falsehood that “Rwanda stopped trade with Uganda.”

Another infantile lie.

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