Nothing makes RNC Mouthpiece Himbara cry more than the performance of Rwanda’s economy

David Himbara aka Murunganwa the paid RNC mouthpiece, cannot digest a success story on Rwanda. After all, he is paid by Museveni and Rujugiro to tarnish Rwanda on social media.

When the World Bank ranked Rwanda second in favorable destinations for business in Africa; Himbara attacked the bank with smear and claimed that the ranking was ringed. He was further infuriated when the Kigali International Financial Centre made its debut on the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) ranking better than established centers and deemed amongst the most promising financial centers. On rule of law, Rwanda ranked 1st on the continent of Africa and 42 world wide by World Justice Project; that too drives Himbara crazy.

His sponsors too hate these rankings. But is it Rwanda’s problem that Uganda’s citizens who have been waiting for almost 35 years for progress and development under Museveni, and all they have ever known is mismanagement, looting of national coffers dry?

Himbara, pressured to find a favorable ranking for his sponsors, decides to use a private bank’s ranking that doesn’t even operate in Rwanda. The South African ABSA Bank —that recently bought Barclay’s operations in East Africa— is Himbara’s choice over all other financial institutions. Not surprising for Murunganwa, a man that’s spent his life forging, from academic credentials to his own name!

Well aware that neither ABSA nor Barclays operate in Rwanda (and neither are they authorities on ranking national economies anyway), Himbara will still have you believe that what he claims they said is to be taken over the World Bank, or the Global Financial Centres Index. One has to wonder; now that ABSA has noted that Rwanda has a financial center, what will Himbara do when they improve Rwanda’s score? With it’s high ranking in transparent and good governance, it is just a matter of time before Rwanda’s score with ABSA drastically goes up.

Either way, real investors don’t follow RNC propaganda.

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