“Keyboard warrior” Abigaba pipes up again, with his usual inanities about Rwanda

Museveni’s minions must be really fixated on Rwanda, and for us in Rwanda that’s music! Anytime Museveni’s trolls or minions are yapping about Rwanda, such as one Duncam Abigaba of Entebbe State House, then know one thing: they are in pain because Rwanda has done another great thing.

Abigaba, an intellectual midget that even his own government officials have termed “keyboard warrior” (he is a so-called deputy Director of Government Citizen Interaction Centre), has tried to scoff at the release of former Rwandan prime minister Pierre Habumuremyi by presidential pardon. Keyboard warrior Abigaba claims that Habumuremyi “was wrongfully jailed in the first place.”

But how could the intellectual midget reach this conclusion about a case that a competent, thorough, legal process in Kigali conclusively convicted the former premier? Abigaba is just spouting off, possibly to demonstrate what a keyboard warrior he still is. On the other hand, probably it’s the presidential pardon that’s bothering him. Museveni’s propaganda thugs only thrive at demonizing the Rwandan president, and when he exercises his prerogative for mercy, he disproves a lot of their negative propaganda.

In Rwanda we just laugh at them.

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