David Himbara is more than a terrorist propagandist; he also serves international crooks 

The RNC terrorist propagandist, David Himbara, has a soft spot for tax evaders; one of his sponsors is an international tax fraudster. In his hostile online campaign, Himbara is paid by Museveni – the Ugandan dictator – and one Trilbert Rujugiro – the international fraudster. On hearing that a business is in trouble for non-tax compliance, Himbara immediately defends it. 

The gold refinery Aldabra (partner in Aldango) tried its best to dodge taxes and now its owner is resulting to hearsay and propaganda. The similarities between Aldabra’s owner Alain Goetz with Himbara’s sponsor Rujugiro are too striking to ignore and naturally; Rujugiro’s troll mounts a defense for a fellow fraudster. Alain Goetz – convicted in Belgium for money laundering with his brother in February 2020 – probably thought that Rwanda was a lawless land like Uganda where he violated international sanctions placed on Venezuela with a criminal scheme to re-export its gold. Goetz refusal to pay taxes is no different to Rujugiro’s tax evasion schemes. 

Certainly, Goetz assumed that he would not pay any taxes in Rwanda just as it is done in Uganda where one one simply has to forge a partnership with the powerful to secure tax exemptions. For example, Himbara’s sponsor Rujugiro dodges taxes in Uganda by having Salim Saleh – Museveni’s brother – as a partner, therefore he pays no taxes and is even allowed to avoid printing health warning on his cigarette packs contrary to international law.

The paid mouthpiece can smear and lie all day long; his tax fraudsters will not escape the tax collector in Rwanda.

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