RNC Himbara Coprophagic disorder (and his love for latrines) explained!

David Himbara aka Murunganwa has a unique obsession with latrines and sewage. Anything linked with faecal matter attracts his attention. The RNC terrorists’ propagandist on Museveni and Rujugiro’s payroll is tasked with smearing Rwanda on anything he can fabricate but for the sixth time, Himbara writes about latrines.

In his initial “latrine” smear, the paid mouthpiece tried to mislead his readers that Rwanda had sought $200 million for latrines from the World Bank. It turned out to be a tasteless spin by the propagandist; Rwanda had a joint project with the World Bank to construct schools. The fraudster Himbara was caught lying as the said latrines were part of schools. The troll however had begun his “latrine” obsession; he was addicted and hooked to fecal matter.

In his most recent exploit, he changed tunes recognizing that latrines were part of school constructions. He diluted his latrines but still exhibited his obsession; he writes that 14,680 latrines for 11,000 classrooms were not constructed. The paid mouthpiece fraudulently used the 2020 AG report to state claims in 2021, and as usual, misquoted the source. Such trickery, however, is to be expected from a latrine-obsessed troll.

David Himbara is known to have several addictions he battles with, and certainly, the sponsoring fools that paid him to smear Rwanda aggravate his unstable brain. However, both Museveni and Rujugiro need a disturbed mouthpiece; the question is, how crazy do they want their lapdog to be. Is latrine-obsession an acceptable level of crazy?

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