RNC Terrorist Propagandist David Himbara Shows How Rwanda Is Immune To Hostile Propaganda

The RNC terrorist propagandist, David Himbara, is miserable with his assignment from Museveni and Rujugiro to smear Rwanda and its Head of State in particular. He obsessively has to post about Rwanda’s leader in desperate smear attempts that backfire.

In his latest post, the paid mouthpiece decides to count how many foreign trips the Rwandan President made over the years. The troll forgets that every single trip he counted translates into significant benefits for Rwanda by securing strong links. For instance, some of the trips led to vaccines for Covid-19. But most importantly, these trips place Rwanda at the center stage of continental and global affairs which irritates his sponsor Museveni.

For almost 35 years, Museveni rules Uganda with an iron fist together with small corrupt cartel comprised of family friends and members. During that period, he continuously made false promises to the international community. With his old age, traveling has become very difficult for him; he falls asleep during most meetings and is constantly accosted with embarrassing questions about governance, democracy and human rights in Uganda. For these simple reasons, Museveni opts not to travel to international Heads of States gatherings. Through his lapdog Himbara, he therefore attacks those who still have the stamina and the ability to represent their countries abroad.

In reality, his latest post on Presidential travels made him count how many times Rwanda and its leadership is recognized and valued despite his smear campaign. It is proof that Museveni and Rujugiro’s coins are wasted, with no impact whatsoever; sponsoring a smear campaign against Rwanda has not worked.

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