The RNC Terrorist propagandist doesn’t like anyone that reports facts

The RNC terrorist Propagandist, David Himbara, just woke up to a foreign concept in his world, he is having difficulties digesting the concept of factual reporting. Paid to smear Rwanda by Museveni and Rujugiro, Himbara tries to blame the government of Rwanda for a story published against Michela Wrong’s slanderous book by the Chronicles. 

Michela Wrong has a special place in the RNC terrorist organization. She was a very “special friend with benefits” to the dead RNC co-founder Patrick Karegeya whom she described as having a skin “as smooth as honey”. The Chronicle committed the cardinal sin of publishing the Wrong’s public affair with Karegeya, something that proved that her book was not objective but rather the writings of a grieving lover. 

Himbara reacted angrily to the publication and immediately blamed the government of Rwanda. He claims that the government of Rwanda destroyed the Chronicles’ independence simply because it published a damaging article on Michela Wrong. Fact is, the Chronicles only quoted was Michela Wrong had written in her book. Himbara’s issues on the sexual innuendo laced fictional tale produced by Michela Wrong should be taken up with her.

To prove his propaganda, Himbara then attacks the next article by the Chronicles that pointed a key fact on the Rusesabagina case. In the article, it writes the undisputed truth that Rusesabagina brought himself to Rwanda. Rusesabagina was not dragged to Rwanda, he flew into the country in a private jet. Yet the RNC propagandist curses Chronicles for writing a fact in the public domain, he claims it lost its editorial independence. 

Clearly, for the paid mouthpiece, reporting anything outside his fake news narrative turns you into a target for his slander.

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