Fake “educator”, RNC propagandist David Himbara, smear attack backfires on his sponsor

While claiming to be an “educator”, RNC chief mouthpiece David Himbara is attacking a Rwanda-Zimbabwe initiative to cooperate on education. It might seem strange to those who don’t know that Himbara, but he is just a mouthpiece paid by Museveni and Rujugiro. No educator would attack cooperation in education, especially in the area of teachers-training. 

Exchanging best practices, scientific knowledge, and training is very common. No national education system, worldwide, exists without an exchange program with at least one other education system. Rwanda is no exception; it receives expatriate trainers and sends its experts to other countries. Zimbabwe is just one more country joining the list of friendly countries exchanging expertise with Rwanda. 

The ordinary announcement however was another opportunity for the highly unscrupulous Murunganwa to concoct another smear. One would ask however what Murunganwa has to say about schools in the Uganda of his sponsors! He is highly dishonest so he will say nothing. Such as that in Uganda schools have been closed for two years and the whole country blames Museveni’s wife who is the country’s Minister of Education. 

While other countries are doing everything possible to educate children during the Covid-19 pandemic, Uganda simply closed public schools and ignored all associated problems of children spending two years without an education. 

Himbara’s ridiculous smears of Rwanda will not change the truth. And Rwanda will march right ahead planning the best education for it’s children.

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