Translating a salute for RNC mouthpiece Himbara

On Mozambique, the RNC terrorist propagandist David Himbara can’t seem to find an angle to smear Rwanda with, since the military operation of Rwandan and Mozambican forces is a success. The tour of the presidents of both countries in Cabo Delgabo make it clear terrorists have been defeated. However Himbara, a shameless troll in the pay of Museveni and RNC chief financier Rujugiro, comes up with a bizarre “salute” story, just to meet his quota of smear stories.

A military salute has its origins in medieval times, when knights lifted their helmets to fellow knights recognized as a friendly force. It has since become a protocol amongst uniformed persons signaling peaceful intent and a formal greeting. Indeed, in medieval times and the modern era, a man in uniform that does not salute or return a salute (greeting) to you might have other intentions!

However, when paid mouthpiece Himbara sees the Commanders-in-Chief of both countries saluting each other —literally greeting each other — he sees an opportunity to distort matters. Now he is implying “subordination.” Murunganwa thinks people are too ignorant to know that. Even policemen greet army personnel with salutes and vice versa; even scouts and security guards greet with salutes without any connotations of “subordination.”

What really pains Himbara is the sight of two Commanders in Chief greeting in respect and friendship after defeating ISIS Islamic terrorists, who after all are very similar to his RNC terrorist organization.

Murunganwa is a pathetic failure in everything.

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