Terrorist propagandist David Himbara should live his wrong choice; others made the right choice

David Himbara, a terrorist propagandist for the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro, has an obsession with high level appointments in Rwanda. He was once a high-ranking official but opted to join a club of thugs and terrorist in RNC. He is now in a self-imposed exile, writing smear for a living and posing as a false witness for convicted genocidaires. Astonishingly, Himbara has the audacity to lecture new and redeployed civil servants; this time he targets officials in the Ministry of Justice.

In his smear, he attacks the newly appointed Minister of Justice by writing that he needs prayers; the troll thinks the appointment that does not end in a dignified manner. Yet, even by his own admission, former Ministers of Justice usually move to other high-level appointments such as Ambassadors, Senators, and even Chief Justice. In Rwanda, there are no lifetime appointments, and unlike in his terrorist organization, Rwandans serve their nation and not themselves!

The catastrophic choices made by Himbara aka Murunganwa led him to a life of despair working against Rwanda. Naturally, jealousy sets in when he sees others getting high-profile appointments while he spends his time on social media trying to get relevance in his seventies. He even lost his job his relentless hostile propaganda; consumed with anger, he was unable to teach or research. In reality, it is Himbara that requires prayers; his restless soul is ripping him up.

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