RNC Propagandist Himbara disappointed by Christopher Kayumba

RNC Terrorist propagandist David Himbara, sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro is disappointed that Dr. Christopher Kayumba ended his hunger strike. Accused of rape and attempted rape by a number of his students and domestic workers, Kayumba started his hunger strike but ended it on “family and medical advice”. The terrorist propagandist, however, had completed Kayumba’s obituary and hoped to use it to smear Rwanda.

What threatened Kayumba’s health was his ridiculous blackmail threat of a hunger strike given his diabetic condition. He was advised that a hunger strike with diabetes would have resulted in death, so Kayumba quickly changed his mind. While Rwandan authorities secured him medical attention, Himbara hoped that Kayumba died in the failed hunger strike attempt. By ending his hunger strike, Kayumba deprived the paid mouthpiece a juicy smear with “opposition member had been killed by Kigali” most likely being his headline. Despite the existence of 11 political parties, Himbara aka Murunganwa falsely claims that Kayumba was about to become a victim of his announced intention to create a political party.

Kayumba would have simply been the 12th political party leader but that does not exonerate him from criminal liability of heinous crimes like rape and attempted rape.

It is no secret that RNC is a den of rapists and perverts. For instance, its top leadership includes rapists like Eugene Gasana who is battling rape charges in New York. While most would sympathize with the bravery of Kayumba’s victims, Himbara simply hoped for Kayumba’s death to smear Rwanda with. Clearly, victims have no value for the terrorist propagandist.

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