RNC Terrorist Propagandist Attacks Rwanda’s Reciprocal Diplomacy

The terrorist propagandist David Himbara, paid to tarnish Rwanda by Museveni and Rujugiro, attacks Rwanda’s diplomacy. In reaction to the Belgian Foreign affairs comment on the Rusesabagina ruling, Rwanda cancelled a scheduled bilateral meeting in New York. Himbara, desperate to find something to smear Rwanda, wonders why Rwanda does not do the same with the US but forgets that there is no meeting to cancel.

Rwanda’s foreign affairs Ministry issued a strong statement denouncing the contempt that the Belgian Government exhibited through a statement by the Belgian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Rwandan judiciary is independent but the Belgian authority implied that it would discuss the verdict with the Rwandan Foreign Affairs Minister. As with all jurisdictions worldwide, if one does not agree with a verdict in Rwanda, one launches an appeal.

The terrorist mouthpiece deliberately ignores the difference between the Belgian reaction and the US one. Ultimately, he only seeks to smear thereby covering for his sponsors whose US diplomatic relations are tarnished by corruption. Himbara will not find a scandal as big as his paymaster’s Patrick Ho corrupt case in New York; Ho was convicted of bribing Museveni –referred to as Exhibit 1510– with a US$ 1 million which he shared with the then Minister of Foreign affairs Sam Kuteesa. The latter, had to be dropped from cabinet as he could no longer travel to US fearing arrest.

Himbara’s attempt to divert sour US-Uganda relations caused corruption and human right violations is his way of earning a living. But no propagandist can make Museveni look good in international relations, less so a terrorist propagandist like Himbara.

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