RNC Propagandist Himbara swaps Investments as FDI’s to smear Rwanda.

RNC Terrorist propagandist David Himbara, sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro, has adopted a new tactic: to deliberately confuse and smear. Himbara aka Muruganwa tries to tarnish Rwanda with his favorite lie that the country’s data are not accurate but only proves the contrary.

The paid mouthpiece claims that the Rwandan Development Board US$ 2.4 Billion investment is inaccurate because the 2019 Central banks document mentions  FDI inflows to be US$353.8 Million for the same period. FDIs or Foreign Direct Investements are just one of many types of investements and the same central bank document mentions it. “The new FDI inflow led to an increase in FDI stocks by 11.5 to 2,546.9 Million in 2019”. 2,546.9 Million in 2019 is in line with the 2.4 Billion announced by RDB which details some major “non-FDI” investments such as the Ruzizi III Energy of US$ 613 Million.

The US$ 613 Million energy project alone proves that Himbara’s US$ 358 Millions figure cannot be the total investment in Rwanda. 

Fundamentally, the Museveni sponsored troll hopes that his readers fail to differentiate between Investment and FDI’s. However, not everyone is as confused as his senile sponsor; his trickery will fool no one.

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