Kayumba is only useful to Himbara if he dies

In one of his radical posts, the RNC terror outfit’s propagandist David Himbara aka Murunganwa made a wild insinuation that Dr Christopher Kayumba – who is currently being investigated for rape – is likely to die in custody.

Himbara, sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro, shamelessly creates scenarios that would lead to Kayumba’s “projected” demise. It’s obvious Himbara and his paymasters are praying for Kayumba to die. Normally, they would have wished him good health, advised him to call off his hunger strike, face the law and clear his name. However, to Himbara, Kayumba is only meaningful if he dies in custody! How radical is that?

The worst part is that with all details about Kayumba’s arrest, Himbara deliberately refused to point at all the evidence against him including testimony from his victims; instead he insinuates that opposing the government automatically qualifies one as “untouchable and above the law”.

No. No one is untouchable, no one is indispensable and no one is above the law in Rwanda. His alleged victims will get their day in court and expose their evidence.

Rwanda is a country of rule of law. If more than one person reported Kayumba, accusing him of rape, should authorities just keep quiet, and let injustices go with no investigation simply because the alleged offender claims to be against the government? Should Kayumba be exempt from the law because of a particular status he bestowed to himself as a way of evading justice and responsibility? No. The law is indiscriminately

Predictably, Himbara played his propaganda games, but that won’t stop the law taking its course in Rwanda.

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