RNC Propagandist David Himbara Turns VC Muganga into his star witness for latest smear

In a carefully choreographed smear, the RNC propagandist Himbara asked a Ugandan University Vice-Chancellor Dr. Lawrence Muganga, “to to educate us” on how Rwanda’s intelligence reportedly carries out operations. David Himbara, aka Murunganwa, claims Muganga was once sent to kill him but that instead the Vice-Chancellor informed him and the Canadian Police. The RNC troll has made the false claim before, a cheap smear that serves his sponsor Museveni and Rujugiro along with his attention seeking need.

In one previous lie that his life was under threat, Himbara claimed that he noticed Rwandan students in his class forcing him to resign from his teaching job. In reality, the pseudo-academic had failed for years to publish anything. He was not even teaching as he spent all his time writing smear against Rwanda. Himbara, aware that he was about to be fired, faked a security threat and quickly resigned, he claimed that he reported it to the Canadian Police. Now he says that VC Muganga was also once given a mission to kill him, and that the case was also reported to the Canadian Police. A simple google search reveals a partner; Himbara faking death threats to smear and seek attention.

It is the same song but this time, Himbara hopes that the VC Muganga saga will assist his smear and earn him a bonus from his sponsor. After all, Muganga was released from Ugandan CMI custody only after Museveni personally intervened. He is now Himbara’s star witness.

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