Himbara in desperate attempt to cleanse his crooked sponsor Trilbert Rujugiro 

The terrorist RNC mouthpiece David Himbara aka Murunganwa is desperately trying to salvage the reputation of his sponsor Tribert Ayabatwe Rujugiro. The latter has a long criminal records, such as the case of embezzlement of US$ 2.2 million, and a 10-year jail sentence given on June 24, 2021 by a Rwandan court. It’s what Himbara aka Murunganwa is trying to whitewash over.

In Himbara’s latest insinuation, he repeated his usual lie that the Rwandan government wrongfully convicted his sponsor Rujugiro. Murunganwa is trying his best to paint his sponsor as “an innocent businessman” when in reality he has a long criminal record, ranging from supporting terrorist groups, corruption, tax evasion, and illicit trade.

The shameless propagandist Himbara should recall that his sponsor pleaded guilty to tax evasion before at a court in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, on 5 June 2009. That time, Rujugiro had been arrested at Heathrow airport in London, after which he was extradited to South Africa. He admitted to tax evasion, and that he had fraudulently made a profit of ZAR 60 million (USD 5.41 million). He was later sentenced to pay this back at a rate of ZAR 1 million (USD 90,000) per month.

As a paid propagandist for the RNC terrorist group, Himbara also knows that On 12 December 2008 the United Nations Security Council accused Rujugiro of channeling money from his companies to a Congolese militia groups. These militias groups have been implicated in human rights violations including murders, the recruitment of child soldiers, mass rape, slavery and torture. There is even an email from Rujugiro which went public showing he had sent USD 120,000 to pay terrorist militias in DRC.

Himbara, just like his criminal sponsor Rujugiro or Museveni have to understand that no one can shield them forever for all the crimes they commit, and propaganda will not save them.

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