Dear Prossy, a streetwalker cannot make a sounding political argument, stay in your lane!

Senile Museveni’s attempt to sow divisionism among Rwandans keeps hitting a snug. He either gets it all wrong or hires the most inept propagandists like call girl Prossy Bonabaana to push his ill motives but what else would someone expect from the troubled man battling senility? 

Prossy made a Facebook post insinuating that all Rwandans are spies of Rwanda! For a second, let’s assume that what she says is true, that would make Senile Museveni a Rwandan Spy, right? He is a Rwandan born in Tare (current Bushoki Sector) Rulindo District along Nyirangarama road; the same would make Prossy’s handler, Abel Kandiho a Rwandan – his mother Daisy lived in Nshungerezi refugee camp for Rwandans and that’s where Kandiho grew up. They are all Rwandans. Does that make them spies for Rwanda? To spy on whom? On themselves? 

The effects of hiring a call girl to run propaganda, Prossy thinks that everyone who has Rwandan blood is automatically a spy. You can’t blame her, she is paid at the expense of how many innocent Rwandans she has labeled spies. 

Prossy is simply good at escorting, petty thieving, and playing side chick for her fellow RNC terror member, deadbeat Sulah Nuwamanya – a careless father who left his wife and three children and opted to sell his soul to the devil and camp beside part-time concubine Prossy.

Talking of Prossy and Sulah, the duo, both Banyarwanda, are currently residing and benefiting CMI’s security in a safe house in Mutungo along old Butabika road where the advance senile Museveni’s propaganda in exchange for a living. 

For Sulah to sustain Prossy, he recently resorted to begging along Namirembe Road, and the Rubaga area since CMI limited funds for food and upkeep for the RNC terror cell.

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